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What Can Usain Bolt Do For Your Business?

What Can Usain Bolt Do For Your Business?  

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Usain Bolt has accomplished an Olympic feat no one has ever managed by winning three athletics golds in three consecutive Olympics!

Why should you pay attention to this? Here are six quick lessons your business can learn from Usain Bolt’s successes:

a. Being the best you can be is essential, but evidently having fun doing so is the stuff of brilliance!

b. Where you end up must not be limited by your perception of where you started from.

c. Be proudly rooted in your culture. This is what breeds and sustains authenticity.

d. Spend more time connecting and experiencing with your fan base, i.e. customers and admirers than your competitors do.

e. Insist on giving back to your local community. If you don’t champion their cause with your fame and connections, no one else will.

f. Above all, it’s all about speed! The speed with which you bring products to market, the speed with which you connect with and sell to your prospects and customers. Speed doesn’t kill, it’s carelessness that does! If speed killed, most people who’ve ever travelled by air or on a high speed train would be dead by now.

Share your experiences too. It’s not all doom and gloom!

Get in touch with us and we’ll happily take you across the finish line, well ahead of the pack! https://www.SalesVelocitySolutions.com


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