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Plat-SVS-10MM: Your Top 5 Marketing Mistakes & 10 Ways To Fix Them

£ 9.95 GBP

The 5 Reasons Your Marketing ISN’T Working &
The 10 Things That FIX the Problems

♦ Why is your marketing failing to convert more prospects into customers?

♦ Why do prospects and customers give a lack-lustre response when you explain your product or service?

♦ Why are you struggling to build quality social media following that actually engages with your brand?

Using our combined knowledge and expertise in personality profiling and neuroscience, we’ve created this Quick-Fire Training Video (value = £247) to help you fix your marketing. Your sales, marketing and relationships will receive a massive boost, giving you that all-important competitive edge!

★ See why and how your marketing is broken.

★ Develop an understanding of why your marketing is not giving you the return on investment you deserve.

★Gain knowledge of how to create a marketing message that is impossible to ignore and will increase your lead generation.

★ Learn the skills to reliably and repeatedly increase lead conversion into customers.

★ Begin to develop a unique appreciation of your customers’ values and leverage those values for better connections and improved customer relations.

★ Better Marketing = More Sales = More Profit. More Quickly!

⟫⟫⟫ You also get 2 BONUS gifts when you purchase this training video – a pdf transcript of the full training (worth £147) and a £97 discount voucher! ⟪⟪⟪


The creator of Sales Velocity Solutions and the eV.A.N.S.™ system, Dr Fatai Badmus uses his vast knowledge of personality profiling and neuroscience to help SMEs significantly improve their sales, marketing and business relationships.

For over 35 years (the first 11 years as a Medical Doctor and the rest in IT and business), Dr Fatai has been solving problems and implementing solutions for private/commercial, public and not-for-profit corporations on three continents (Africa, the Americas and Europe).


You too can rocket-boost your marketing and sales!

♣ Video Course (30-day access) value – £247

♣ Special Bonus #1 (245 minutes of premium video training) value – £988

♣ Special Bonus #2 (pdf transcript) value – £147

♣♣♣ Total value – £1,382!!!

Gain access to all this today for just £9.95!


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Auto renew on 2023/08/28